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пока горит зелёный

очаровало сочетание зеленого (вперёд!) статуса тропы вдоль побережья с честно указанным риском утонуть в дурной реке, быть подхваченным морским течением и звиздануться с утёса.
всё то вам англичане чопорные ))

Green (partially marked). The thirteenth stage of the JOGT is entirely walkable by a fit walker. All fences and walls have gates or stiles. The dunes by Wick Golf Club at Reiss are not marked and it may be easier to walk on the beach except at high tide. (Please do not walk along the golf course.) The River of Wester north of Reiss is usually fordable by most adults, but not always. It can be as much as 3 ft deep or more at high tide, but is usually much less. In winter it has been reported to be much deeper on occasion due to erosion of the beach. Under these conditions it may be waist or chest deep or more and should not be crossed; walk to the A9 bridge instead. There are about 6 miles of the route marked from just north of Staxigoe to Wick Golf Club at Reiss.

Risk of drowning in River of Wester or being swept out to sea at exceptional high tide and/or river in spate. There is a risk of death from falling off cliffs along some of this stage.
взято отсюда http://www.jogt.org.uk/stages/wick-to-keiss/

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